Sunday, September 6, 2015

List Of Accredited Tax Practitioners and Effects of Accreditation

Section 6 of Revenue Regulations No. 14 - 2010 refers to the Effects of Accreditation as follows:

Section 6. Effects of Accreditation. Only those Tax Agents/ Practitioners, Partners or Officers of general Professional Partnerships, or Officers or Directors of Corporate entities engaged in tax practice who have been issued certificate of Accreditation or ID card shall be allowed to represent a taxpayer or transact business with the Bureau of Internal Revenue in representation of taxpayer for the purposed(s) defined in these regulations. The Commissioner or his authorized representative shall only consider as valid document/attachments to tax returns, information returns or other statements or reports required by the Code or Regulations, the financial statements prepared, signed and certified by duly accredited tax practitioners. The BIR can refuse to transact official business with tax practitioners who are not accredited before it and shall required that certain official statements such as returns, financial statements, reports, protests, requests for ruling, official correspondence and other statements, paper or documents filed on behalf of a taxpayer be signed or certified to by accredited persons which shall bear the following information below the signature of the latter.

Please refer of the List of Accredited Tax Practitioners as of July 2015.

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