Friday, September 11, 2015

Availability of eBIRForms Package Version 5.1 To Update Version 5.0 and

Revenue Memorandum Circular (RMC) No. 58-2015 was recently issued to informed all Internal Revenue Officials, Employees and Others Concerned the Availability of Electronic Bureau of Internal Revenue Forms (eBIRForms) Package Version 5. 1

The new eBIRForms package has the following modifications:

1. BIR Form No. 1707-A (Annual Capital Gains Tax Return for Onerous Transfer of Shares of Stock Not Traded Through the Local Stock Exchange) is included in the package and thirty seven (37) returns are now available.

2. BIR Form Nos. 1601E, 1702-MX and 2000 were enhanced; and

3. Annual Income Tax Returns (BIR Form Nos. 1700, 1701, 1702-EX, 1702-MX & 1702-RT) can no be submitted online thru the eBIRForms System

The eBIRForms Package Version 5.1 is now available for update to the previous Version 5.0 of the Online eBIRForms System.

Click or copy paste to new tab of the following link:
eBIRForms Package Version 5.1 to download the eBIRForms Package Version 5.1.

Alternative sites to obtain/download the Offline eBIRForms Package:

Direct link:

eBIRForms Package Version 5.0 may still be used for filing all other BIR forms not mentioned in the modifications stated in A. B. & C.

Please refer of the full text of RMC No. 58-2015.
The bureau just recently updated the eBIRForms Package from v6.1 to v6.2 (New version)

To download the Offline eBIRForms Package v6.2, just click the following link:

Alternative sites to obtain/download the Offline eBIRForms Package:

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