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Friday, September 18, 2015

Submission Of Inventory List And Other Reporting Requirements

Revenue Memorandum Circular No. 57-2015 was recently issued by the BIR with the purpose to consistently apply the data requirements across different sectors with the peculiarity of the industry where the taxpayers belong directing the volume of reporting.
With this, the additional reports or schedules to be submitted and filed with the annual inventory list shall cover companies maintaining inventory of stock-in-trade, raw material, goods in process, supplies and other goods such as manufacturing, wholesaling, distributing/retailing sectors including real estate dealers/developers, service companies, e.g., construction companies, building contractors, etc. It bears stressing that the data/information contained in the said schedules/lists should be reconciled with the amount declared in the financial statements and annual income tax returns. 
In Section 2 of the Circular, refers to the prescribed format and deadline for submission. All taxpayers with tangible asset-rich balance sheets, often with at least half of their total assets in working capital assets, e.g., accounts receivable and inventory, shall submit, in addition to the annual inventory list, schedules/lists prescribed herein, in hard and soft copies, using the format as shown in Annex "A" (for manufacturing / merchandising or retail company); Annexes "B" and "B-1" (for real estate company) and Annex "C" (for construction industry). Taxpayers not belonging to the above-described industries shall adopt the herein prescribed format that is applicable to their existing inventory.
The soft copies of the inventory list including other applicable schedules shall be stored/saved in Digital Versatile Disk-Recordable (VD-R) properly labeled and submitted, together with a notarized certification, as shown in Annex "D" hereof, duly signed by the authorized representative of the taxpayer certifying that the data/information contained in the DVD-R are true and correct.
For initial filing using the herein prescribed format, the schedules and inventory list shall be submitted on or before September 30, 2015 covering ending inventory as of December 31, 2014, and thereafter every 30th day following the close of the taxable year (depending on the accounting period adopted by the taxpayer) as enunciated under Section 13 of Revenue Regulations No. V-1, otherwise known as the Bookkeeping Regulations, which provides for the filing of an  annual inventory of stocks-in-trade, raw materials, goods in process, supplies and other goods not later than thirty (30) days following the close of the taxable year.
The inventory lists as well as other applicable schedules are to be submitted with the concerned Revenue District Office (RDO) where the non-large taxpayers are registered and with the Large Taxpayers Assistance Division (LTAD), Excise Large Taxpayers Regulatory Division (ELTRD), Large Taxpayers Division (LTD) Makati and Cebu, for taxpayers classified as large under the Large Taxpayers Service.
Please refer of the penalties and other concerns and full text of RMC No. 57-2015.