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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Submission of Attachments (DAT Files) For MAP, SAWT, Annual Alphalist, SLSP On eBIRForms Online Filing

Revenue Memorandum Circular No. 19-2015 was issued by the BIR to clarify the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Relative to the Implementation of the Electronic Platform in Filing Tax Returns under efPS or eBIRForms for filing Income Tax Returns for Calendar Year 2014 Due on or before April 15, 2015, and others.

Some of the questions was:

Do you still need to submit the printed form after eFiling to the RDO or AAB? How about attachment?

Answer. If you electronically file and electronically pay using eBIR Forms or eFPS without any attachments required, you don't need to submit anything to the RDO/LTDO/LT Office. However, if there are required attachments in your income tax returns, you shall submit to the RDO/LTDO/LT Office within fifteen (15) days from the date of eFiling.

For eFPS: a. Printed copy of Tax Returns with Filing Reference Number (FRN) Page; and b. Required attachments

For eBIRForms: efile and ePay (upon availability) / eFile and manually pay: a. Printed copy of the return with the eMail Notification Page received; and b. Required attachments

If there are other attachments to be submitted such as Summary Alphalists of Withholding Tax (SAWT), Monthly Alphalists of Payees (MAP) required under BIR Form Nos. 1600, 1601E, 1601F, it shall prepared using the Data Entry Module or Summary List of Sales/Purchases/Importation (SLSP) for all VAT taxpayers in BIR Form No. 2550@ prepared using the RELIEF of the BIR and submitted via email

Please refer of the full text of RMC 19-2015.

However, the hard copies of BIR Form No. 2307 - Certificate of Creditable Tax Withheld At Source should be kept in your file that will be use as a proof of evidence for such Tax Credits in case of investigation. 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Submission of Alphabetical List of Employees/Payees of Income Payments as Amended under Revenue Regulations No. 1-2014

The BIR just recently issued Revenue Regulations No. 1-2014 amending the provisions of Revenue Regulations (RR) No. 2-98, as Further Amended by RR No. 10-2008, Specifically on the Submission of Alphabetical List of Employees/Payees of Income Payments as follows:

“Section 2.83.3 Requirement for list of payees – All withholding agents shall, regardless of the number of employees and payees, whether the employees/payees are exempt or not, submit an alphabetical list of employees and list of payees on income payments subject to creditable and final withholding taxes which are required to be attached as integral part of the Annual Information Returns (BIR Form No. 1604CF/1604E) and Monthly Remittance Returns (BIR Form No. 1601C, etc.), under the following modes:

(1) As attachment in the Electronic Filing and Payment System (eFPS);

(2) Through Electronic Submission using the BIR’s website address at; and

(3) Through Electronic Mail (email) at dedicated BIR addresses using the prescribed CSV data file format, the details of which shall be issued in a separate revenue issuance.

“In cases where any withholding agent does not have its own internet facility or unavailability of commercial establishments with internet connection within the location of the withholding agent, the alphalist prescribed herein may be electronically mailed (e-mail) thru the e-lounge facility of the nearest revenue district office or revenue region of the BIR.”

Please refer of the full text of the Revenue Regulations No. 1-2014.

But there're issues arises with the new Revenue Regulation No. 1-2014 (Submission of Alphabetical List of Employees/Payees of Income Payments) issued by the Commissioner of Internal Revenue (CIR): First (1) Under this regulation imposes a higher penalty compared to Section 250 of the NIRC. Failure to file for every BIR return related to the regulation is subject to P1,000 fine and failure to comply with the technical/substantial requirements shall not qualify as a deductible expense for income tax purposes. Secondly, (2) Under the current EFPS does not allow for attachments. Thirdly (3) The currently Alphalist is not required to be submitted with BIR 1601-C. Technical issues and penalty issues...