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Thursday, May 18, 2017

On-the-Job Training (OJT) in the National and Regional Offices in the BIR

Revenue Memorandum Order (RMO) No. 11-2017 has issued by the bureau recently to prescribe the policies, guidelines and procedures in accepting students for On-the-Job Training (OJT) in the Bureau of Internal Revenue to be adopted by the Personnel Division (PD) including all other units/offices in the National Office and the Administrative & Human Resource Management Divisions (AHRMDs) in the Revenue Regions (RRS) including its Revenue District Offices (RDOs).


1. The Student-Applicants for OJT shall submit the following documents to the Personnel Division if in the National Office/the Administrative and Human Resource Management Division (AHRMD) if in the RR or its Revenue District Offices (RDOs) not co-located in the RR: 

a. Two (2) copies of Resume together with recent two 2x2 ID pictures. 

b. Two (2) photocopies of Official Registration Form/Enrollment Form of the Student concerned. 

c. Original Indorsement Letter signed by the College Dean/School Official or Practicum Coordinator requiring them to undergo OJT for a prescribed number of hours as part of their academic requirements. 

d. Job Proficiency Rating Sheet.

2. In order to maintain modesty and proper decorum in the office and for security purposes, the Student-Trainees must register and sign in the Student-Trainees’ OJT Logbook found in the entrance lobby counter of the BIR building. The wearing of StudentTrainees’ prescribed school uniform and ID must be strictly observed when entering and while inside the BIR premises. 

3. For those colleges/universities without prescribed school uniforms, the StudentTraineesshall wear black pants paired with white collared polo (for male) and black pants or black skirt with white collared blouse (for female) from Monday to Friday. This policy must be strictly followed. 

4. They shall render eight (8) hours of duty/service per day when reporting for OJT. If duty/service is for a half-day only, they shall render at least four (4) hours of duty/service per day, either from 8am to12pm or from 1pm to 5pm. 

5. The Student-Trainees in the National and RRs including its RDOs shall personally punch in their respective Bundy Cards and shall register in a separate Logbook/Attendance Sheet where they are assigned every time they report for duty. 

6. At the end of each month, the Bundy Card shall be signed by the Student-Trainees and their Immediate Supervisor for submission to the college/university upon completion of OJT. 

7. The photocopy of Student-Trainees’ Bundy Card shall be certified by the Head of Office as proof of their attendance before filing with other office records. 

8. The Student-Trainees shall not be allowed to transfer from one office to another once they have officially reported for duty at their office assignment. Otherwise, they will be denied continuation of OJT including the disapproval of the number of duty hours/service rendered in the Bureau. 

9. Any unethical behavior committed by revenue officials/employees against the Student-Trainees must be reported to the Head of Office where they are assigned. 4 10. The Certificate of Completion (Annex C) shall be issued to the Student-Trainees by the Office where they are assigned after they have completed the required number of duty hours/service.